"Miss Shauna has helped me develop a healthy mindset. She is incredibly passionate when it comes to giving advice on how to take care of yourself and how to be kind to your mind. I would find myself doubting my ability to reach certain goals in life and Miss Shauna has helped me to discover that everything I needed to push through was already inside of me, which guided me to overcome those mental block situations . She has also helped me value what I do and gave me the courage to reach for the stars. Her encouragement helped to keep me motivated in school, dance and in life in general." - KA

"Shauna provided me with the perfect balance of empathy and accountability regarding goal setting and managing my deepest thoughts. She helped keep things in perspective when my insecurities would consume me. Thanks to her, I maintain a level head when attending to deadlines and combating my internal hardships.

She taught me how to compartmentalize emotional attachments to practical situations. I've come a long way with problem-solving without getting overwhelmed, and all credit goes to her for her guidance.

My mental and emotional stability has thrived ever since Shauna took me under her wing. I am eternally grateful for our conversations about navigating vulnerability in my professional and personal life. Thank you very much for everything, Shauna." - RB