60% of people feel unfulfilled in their lives; unsatisfied in careers, lacking work-life balance, feeling a loss of personal identity, and missing that spark of purpose needed to live a full, authentic, and satisfying life.

That's where the Best of Me course can help. This condensed virtual coaching program provides you with a self-discovery framework to help guide you along the way to create new goals, reconnect to your passion, reignite your creativity, and open yourself up to an abundance mindset, and in turn, a more fulfilling life.

This course is perfect for those who like to work at their own pace, are new to mindset and empowerment practice or who need a refresh on it, or those interested in coaching but are not ready to dive in to a full one-on-one coaching relationship.

The Best of Me personal development course is all about making you your most valuable investment and making amazing things happen in your life. This course will kick-start the valuable journey of investing in yourself and stripping away the things that are holding you back. In turn, you'll begin setting new goals and becoming the most confident, successful and happiest version of you. It’s time to find your sparkle and let yourself shine!

What You Get: This 12-week program will guide you along a path of self discovery, with mindset, goal setting, and focus exercises, all geared toward creating your own amazing future. You'll examine what has been holding you back, but more important, what is inside you to help you soar. The Best of Me virtual course includes: 

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Program Price: $315.00 CAD