Six Things To Tell Yourself Every Day
December 20, 2021 - Shauna Jurczak

When I was in grade school, each day before leaving for school, I’d look in the mirror and remind myself I was awesome. My mom had this decorative mirror by the front door, and I’d look myself right in the eye and say, “You’re awesome!” Then I’d pick up my school bag and hop off to school.

My older sister made fun of me for it, every day. I didn’t care. It was part of my morning routine. Now, before you start thinking,
“Wow! Shauna was such a conceited child,” try to understand that my morning ritual wasn’t driven by arrogance. I did it because, even at a young age, I believed that if I wanted others to see how awesome I was, I had to see it first. I knew it started within me.

There is a concept that we are solely responsible for the path we take in life. We are responsible for the choices we make, the self-talk we use, the company we keep, and the consequences of our actions. Knowing this, I think there are a few things we should be reminding ourselves, on a daily basis, in order stay focused, motivated, and to encourage a positive course in life.

1. I am Intelligent

I don’t care what anyone tells you – you are intelligent. We all are! When we exercise our brains, and put our intelligence to good use, it’s impossible to doubt intelligence. Whether you’re a brain surgeon, or a 10-year-old running a lemonade stand, you’ve put your mind to work, thinking actively, being creative, bringing concepts and ideas to life, problem solving, and time managing. All those things require intelligence. Don’t downplay the value of your intelligence. Be proud of it, exercise it, and remind yourself just how powerful your intelligence is.

2. I am Strong

Strength comes in many forms. Whether you need a reminder of your physical strength to tackle a physical challenge, or more as a motivational reminder, it’s important to remind yourself “I am strong”. But strength isn’t just physical. Emotional strength is just as important, if not more. Whether you’re trying to overcome a negative situation, studying for an exam and trying to retain the information, or dealing with relationships, the reminder of “I am emotionally strong” helps prepare you to take on the emotional side of your tasks. Physical strength and mental strength enhance our lives. Encouraging yourself to be both physically and mentally strong has countless benefits no matter how big or small the situation.

3. I am Capable

We are all capable of many things. Until we try, we will never realize just how much we are actually capable of. While encouragement from others is always a great way to get you to try new things or take more risks, it’s up you to encourage yourself, too. The reality is, not matter how many people tell you “you can do it” until you tell yourself you can, and believe it, you won’t succeed. But if you believe it and tell yourself that you are capable, opportunities will be endless!

4. I am Love

For this one, you can add any suffix to the end of the word – loving, lovable, loved – or simply keep it open-ended as love. For your relationships to work, you need to be open to love, both for yourself and those around you. If you aren’t open to loving yourself, how will you be open to receiving love from others? If you’re not open to giving love to others, how will you be open to having an open, loving relationship with your family, friends, and significant other? Love comes from within. It starts with you. We all deserve it and we all have the capacity to give and receive love if we allow ourselves to.

5. I am beautiful

I don’t necessarily mean external beauty, however, it is important to have confidence in how you carry yourself, and that often starts with how we see ourselves physically in the mirror. More important, however, is seeing the beauty that exists in your own soul. When we embrace the beauty that lies within, it will show on the outside. You’ll begin to feel more confident and your beauty will radiate out to those around you. Believe in your beauty, love your beauty, and let the people around you see the beautiful you that you are. Even better, when you start to embrace your own beauty, you’ll also start to see more beauty in the world around you, too.

6. I am….

As individuals, we all have different thought processes and directions that our lives are going in. Each day, we may need a variety of different mental reminders, so I leave this one open for you. Maybe you are Grateful, or Full of Life, or Creative, or Valuable. Whatever reminder you need to keep your life on track, remain focused, and open yourself up to the life you dream of, give yourself that reminder. Believe in yourself and all you have to offer.

Remember, your value and success start from within. If you see it, others will too. You’ll begin to surround yourself with like-minded people, take on projects that highlight the best in you, and overall, find life to be a more positive and pleasant journey. Don’t just think about the power of a positive mind…live it and practice it everyday, and the best of you will shine through.