Journaling Your Way To Awesome
January 17, 2022 - Shauna Jurczak

A year ago, I started using the moon cycle as reminder to journal. I found that I didn’t always have something to journal every single day. Instead of being frustrated and staring at a blank page in my journal, wondering what to write every night, I started to wait until the moon cycle changed. I noticed on my kitchen calendar there were two-week gaps between the new and full moon, and the little moon symbols on the calendar made it easy for me to know when each was.

Instead of journaling daily, I started to sit down every two weeks, using my time to reflect and put my thoughts out on paper following a few prompts. This helped me to better focus my journaling and has been such a beneficial process in the long run. The process of journaling has helped me become more intentional, focused, goal oriented, driven, and self aware. Most important, I’ve noticed an increase in my level of gratitude and confidence.

With the first full moon of 2022 ready to take hold, why not start the routine of journaling? The full moon is meant to be a time of reflection, accomplishment, growth, and things coming to fruition. The light of the full moon is said to illuminate and intensify your being, your goals, your intention, and your mission.

How to make the most of your journaling process:

Step 1 – Pick a Journal.

Find yourself a nice notebook that you love. Most of mine come from the Dollar Store. They have a huge selection of inexpensive, good quality, hardcover notebooks, to suit every mood and personality.

Step 2 – Pick a pen.

I find I like to journal with my favorite pen. When I sit down and journal with just any pen, I feel blocked. But a pen I love? The thoughts just flow onto paper!

Step 3 – Follow your prompts.

You might have something specific that you want to journal about. If that’s the case, get to it! Lots can happen in two weeks, so get those thoughts out. However, if you’re more like me and you want to dive in and better focus your thoughts an intentions, here are some great prompts. Feel free to use one or all of them!

  • Something I am grateful for is…

  • An obstacle I’ve recently overcome is…

  • Something I did recently that made me feel love, joy, or hope is…

  • Something that I am proud of/that made me feel accomplished recently is…

  • A goal I’m working towards is…

  • My focus or for the next few weeks is…

Any, or all, of those prompts will help open the journaling flood gates. Whether you see journaling as a way to manifest what you want, release what doesn’t serve you, or simply use it as a form of free therapy to get all your thoughts out, adding journaling to your life will provide many long term benefits. In turn, you’ll have better reflection and introspection on your life, find personal growth, reduce stress, improve your focus. Most important, you’ll find yourself propelling towards your goals and growing into the next, awesome, chapter of your life.

Happy Journaling!